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Corporate Team Building Ultimate Trivia Showdown

We take the most electrifying, mind-bending, and FUN trivia game show you’ve ever seen and mix in some team building content. It’s so much fun that your team will be talking about it for a long time.
It’s an interactive and fun experience for the participants and the audience. Everyone will have a great time!
What We Do

We bring a dynamic and exciting trivia game show that includes educational team building content. 

We engage the audience and the participants in a way that will have your team talking about what a great time they had for a long time.

Your team will have a blast. 

Build Trust

Team building activities help teammates establish trust and build close relationships.

Improve Communication

Team building can improve communication and teamwork, which can lead to increased productivity.

Encourage Creativity

Team building activities can help employees relax and have fun, which can lead to increased creativity.

game show
Fun, Engaging & Educational
Compete in thrilling head-to-head trivia duels that will test your wits and knowledge on a wide range of topics!

Team members win exciting prizes and the bragging rights
of being the reigning trivia champion of your colleagues! Maybe even be the “Top Banana.”

Live Audience Interaction:
" The Ultimate Showdown" isn't just a game show; it's an interactive extravaganza! Our live audience can play along, answer questions, and influence the game in real-time. Cheers, boos, and reactions can change the course of the game!

Categories Galore:
This game covers everything from history to pop culture, science to sports. We've got questions to challenge your knowledge and expand your horizons.

Dynamic Hosts:
Meet our charismatic hosts who will keep you entertained throughout the show. They bring humor, energy, and a touch of drama to the game, making "The Ultimate Showdown" an unforgettable experience

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What they've said about us
Tommy and Don are amazing entertainers who mix in team building content with the fun. They had the audience cheering and having fun. Highly recommended.
Sharon G.
Sister Wife
I can't say enough about how entertaining and fun Tommy & Don are. They will have your team hootin' and a hollerin'!
Steve G.
Agency Coach
Tommy & Don's Ultimate Trivia Showdown is so fun, your team will want to play over and over again. So much fun.
Vicki H.
Director of Client Engagement

Tommy Hilcken


Don Seckler

Meet The Game Show Guys

Tommy & Don have a long history of public performance. They never fail to leave a smile on the faces of even the toughest audience members. They love to educate and entertain.

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